Clean-cut K-pop embroiled in a Korean sex scandal

Clean-cut K-pop embroiled in a Korean sex scandal

Within the last week, a sweeping sex scandal spread around South Korea and put in question the security of people’s intimate life. Who would have thought the perpetrator is eminent K-pop star, a beloved member of BigBang boyband, Jung-Joon-young, also known as Seungri.

Pop-star sex scandal

Seungri once had a chance to find himself on the slippery slope of sex-crime. Everything started with Seungri’s immensely popular among youth nightclub The Burning Star. After the rumors spread around concerning the continuous drug usage and distribution, as well as violence and sexual assault reigning behind the closed doors of the club, police started to pay more attention to it.

Consequently, it was unveiled that club personnel regularly put drugs premeditatedly into the drinks of unsuspecting women. As a result, they were pushed to have sexual intercourse with VIP clients without their consent. All that was usually filmed by installed in the club voyeur cams and shared via apps or social networks. Being the director of The Burning Sun, Seungri became at the center of the investigation. Allegedly he was also accused of illegal providing of prostitutes for the rich businessmen. It’s known that prostitution is strictly forbidden in South Korea.

This time the situation is even worse. Jun-Joon-young is arrested for filming sex-videos with the help of voyeur cams, secretly placed in the public places and spreading them on the various Interner resources without women’s knowledge. Another person responsible for the committed crime is Choi Jong-Hoon, the member of the successful rock-band FT Island. Police announced spy cameras were secretly placed in the different parts of the motel’s rooms located in Yeongnam and Chungcheong, rural areas not far from Seul.

They put cameras in the most unexpected places: power outlets, hair dryer holders, etc.  Disgracefully filmed private moments of people were eventually uploaded to the pornographic sites and illegally sold to the adherents of «extravagant» sexual entertainment. In case K-pop stars are guilty in such an unprecedented sexual crime, experts claim they will be sentenced up for the seven years or faced a fine in the amount of 30 million won.

Patriarchy and spy cameras triggering  sexual crimes against women

The problem of sexual harassment and gender inequality remains acute for South Korea. The country retains “patriarchal corporate ethics” when women cannot take management positions in companies. Another rapidly growing problem is the epidemic of spy cameras installed in women’s toilets and locker rooms, so women’s privacy and security are under threat now and unfortunately, the number of victims is increasing. Criminals use footages and videos taken from hidden cameras and share them online.

This case reignited everlasting discussions about the protection of women’s rights and struggle against sex crimes dishonorably committed against them. Drugging unsuspecting girls in the clubs, pushing them to have sexual relationships without their desire, as well as secretly filming private life without their knowledge, obviously supports the creation of rape culture among men, which is dangerous for the welfare and prosperity of developed society.

Immediate measures should be taken as fast as possible to secure women’s intimate life and prevent society from total moral degradation. Sexual crime is a quickly spreading plague, so be careful as you might be the next.


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