How a Man Turned His Motel Into Voyeuristic Private Show

How a Man Turned His Motel Into Voyeuristic Private Show

There are different kinks that are attractive to some but repulsive for others. Voyeurism takes place somewhere in the middle: it’s far from being something outlandish but at the same time, it all depends on how far a person is ready to go to satisfy their voyeur urge. Spying on others in real life without their permission is illegal. That’s why you can watch special reality shows like Voyeur House, where participants agree to be filmed and live their life just in front of you. It’s a great solution for every voyeur, but sadly, since it wasn’t available in the past, people broke the law to satisfy their urges. Gerald Foos is a bright example here.

Aurora Motel

The existence of Aurora motel still terrifies people because now, spying on others has become much easier. Foos achieved what others didn’t even think of by spending around three decades on voyeuristic spying. Let’s regard all the main points of this strange and undoubtedly ugly history that left many unsuspecting victims behind.

  • Foos constructed his motel with the idea to spy on his guests. To do this, he made special holes in the ceilings and masked them as ventilation spaces. They allowed him to stare at his guests without being seen at all times, particularly as they had sex, engaged in foreplay, or slept.
  • Foos’ wife helped him and agreed to spy on their guests as well. Sometimes, she and her husband had sex themselves along with people beneath them, creating a strange and disturbing foursome. More than that, once Foos’ wife died, he remarried, and his new partner also didn’t protest against his strange hobby. On the contrary, she participated in it just like his previous wife.
  • Foos was never caught, not in all decades he has spent spying. The reason why he stopped is that he simply stopped being interested in this kind of voyeurism.
  • Foos was recording everything he has seen in his book. He still has it, along with many sordid details. He even offered him to a journalist because he wanted to tell his story to others.
  • Foos denies having done anything wrong. He says he’s been interested in studying humans and their behavior instead of simply getting off.

How To Avoid Similar Stories?

In our age of highly developed technologies, privacy is something that’s no longer a universal certainty. There are plenty of stories revealing how even seemingly respectable hotels install cameras and spy on their guests. That’s why we all have to be careful and check our surroundings vigilantly. What can people who love voyeurism and need it can do, though?

As it has been stated, currently, there are many ways in which voyeurs can find their enjoyment. Voyeur House show and many others are there to provide everything a voyeur might need while also staying in a completely legal area. There are no reasons to commit actual crimes. Still, it doesn’t mean that illegal voyeurism has lost popularity, as the aforementioned examples show. Be vigilant and take care.


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