This Whole China-Mar-a-Lago Story Is Sketchy as Hell

This Whole China-Mar-a-Lago Story Is Sketchy as Hell

It is unbelievable how people develop certain behaviors from their childhood and advance them in their adulthood. This is what happens to many private voyeurs. When you were young, it is obvious that you had the urge to peep through bathroom locks, your cousin’s bedroom when they were dressing and other people’s houses. Recall such incidences? Well, when you grew up you learned that this is not cool. It is creepy and also morally wrong. Some never learn this.

Heard of private voyeurs? Guessed right. They are literally turned on and also enjoy watching other people get intimate. Recently, there have been cases of private voyeurs being spotted doing this creepy stuff of secretly watching couples make love. Sounds really creepy right? Here’s a story from Jones, who literally admits having been a private voyeur from his teenage until recently when he was spotted and publicly condemned.

Jones spotted peeping through a private-pleasure room’s widow in China-mar-a-lago

Jones, a very rich businessman from China, admitted that he was a private voyeur after being caught red-handed peeping a couple having intimate pleasure. This was a week ago at China-mar-a-lago during a trade fair held there. “I paid a lot of money to be in this “Invites Only” trade fair, but my intention was not to get any business updates. I came here to do my private voyeur stuff.” Said Mr. Jones.

Mr. Jones is a trusted businessman, and so he was sure he’d not miss a chance to be part of the trade fair. “I’ve been a private voyeur, watching people have sex but never had a chance to watch prominent business executives have sex. This was my chance at the Сhina-mar-a-lago.” Said Jones. This is so unbelievable, don’t you think so? Jones is a family man but he admits to having been watching people have sex for years. He enjoys it and it turns him on.

The most astonishing thing is that sometimes Jones had to travel for very long distances just to get to certain hotels to do his private voyeur stuff. “On arrival at China-mar-a-lago, I was sure I would have an experience of a lifetime. I asked about where people could have private rooms. I was directed to some rooms opposite massage parlors.” Said Jones.

This sounds so creepy. It is so unbelievable that someone could travel all that long just to keep people making love. “People had mistaken me for a thief so I had to explain to them that I’m a private voyeur. My family can’t believe this and I also feel ashamed. I should have asked for help from psychologists and some other advisors. I felt so ashamed. Everyone couldn’t just understand how and why I could do such things. When I was a kid, my mum used to warn me not to peep or sneak on people. I just didn’t adhere to that.

It is good to respect yourself and also other people’s privacy.


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